Essex Horsebox Terms + Conditions

The following stipulations will govern the contract of carriage entered into between the Carrier, Essex Horse Transport Ltd. with Company Number: 10794357 and the Consignor. All livestock and goods placed by the Consignor with the Carrier for transport agree to consent to be bound by the stipulations provided herein:

1. Definition of terms

1.1 “Carrier” shall refer to Essex Horse Transport Ltd. its registered employees, agents and assigns. 1.2 “Consignor” shall mean any person whether natural or juridical (Corporation) including its employees, agents and assigns that enters into a contract of carriage with the carrier or places goods or livestock with the carrier for transport.

1.3 “Contract” is the Contract of Carriage entered into between the Carrier and the Consignor.
1.4 “Delivery Destination” shall mean the place or address where the goods are to be transported to and effectively completing the contract of carriage.
1.5 “Goods” shall refer to the livestock or horse scheduled for transport as well as all other equipment or substances that are included by the consignor.
1.6 “Horsebox” shall refer to the vehicle/container wherein the goods shall be placed while in transit. 1.6 “Receiving Location” is the place where the goods are turned over to the carrier for transport which initiates the time that they are in transit.
1.7 “In Transit” is the period of time between turnover by consignor of the goods to the carrier for its transport at the receiving location up to its arrival and unloading at the delivery destination.

2. Liability of Risk and Insurance

The carrier does not assume any risk nor shall it be held liable for any damages or loss due to fortuitous events or major force. Any unforeseen events or if foreseen, were inevitable which causes any damage or loss to the goods shall not be for the account of the carrier. It is the responsibility of the consignor or owner of the goods to ensure such against any and all possible circumstances that may cause it harm.

A veterinarian may be contracted by the carrier to address of any emergency concerns for the preservation of the goods in case of sickness or injury while in transit. Any expenses as a result thereof shall be for the account of the consignor or reimbursed by such party to the carrier, if the case may be.

3. Cancellations

Any contract of carriage entered into between the carrier and the consignor may be canceled up to forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled time of transport of the goods. The carrier shall have the right to claim the full amount charged or quoted to the consignor in the event that such notice of cancellation was not expressed by the consignor with such time frame.

4. Loading and Unloading

It is the responsibility of the consignor to load the goods into the horsebox at the receiving location and unload them from such at the delivery destination.

The carrier will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused to the goods should it be requested by the consignor to assist in its loading or unloading.

5. Manner of Carriage

The carrier reserves the right to exercise its discretion over how the goods should be transported despite any requests that the consignor may have thereto. This includes selection of routes, employment of additional personnel, use of extra equipment and other such means that would best serve the completion of the contract of carriage. Any requests by the consignor, however, may be considered subject to additional costs as long as the safety and convenience of the carrier as well as the goods will not be compromised.

6. Damage or Loss Attributable to the Goods

The consignor will be liable to pay for any and all expenses to repair or replace the horsebox caused by the goods. This would also include any injury or loss suffered by carrier’s employees, agents and assigns inflicted by the goods while in transit.

7. Amendments

Any amendments to the contract of carriage by the consignor requiring a change in the receiving location or delivery destination as well as requests while in transit will be subject to corresponding additional charges or the right to refuse such by the carrier. The carrier also reserves the right to terminate the contract of carriage with no refund should the consignor be unable to agree to the added costs necessary to carry out such amendments or demands.