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Essex Horse Transport was created so that those who own or work with horses have a reliable and inexpensive way to transport them safely and affordably. With a deep understanding of horses, we have engineered each stage of the transport process to be as stress-free as possible. The transportation of your horse needn’t be the stressful event it still seems for far too many. With expert handlers, your horse will arrive at its destination in our luxury 2017 built brand new horsebox stalled for 2 large horses.

We guarantee to beat any price you could get elsewhere with our bespoke quotes for all journeys. This low price is achieved without sacrificing standards as we are fully licensed to transport horses throughout the country and use only the best equipment and staff. Looking after horses is our passion and we only employ people that are comfortable around and know how to handle them.

Our service is fast, friendly and extremely good value for money. The well-being of your horse is always our number one priority.

Fully Insured

It is our job as horse transporters to make sure that you are covered whatever happens. Being fully insured we have prepared contingency plans for everything that can go wrong.

Nationwide Delivery

Although based in Essex we transport horses all around the UK. We are able to take on any journey whatever the length taking as many rest periods as necessary.


All our vehicles and equipment are disinfected using APHA products. These products have been approved by Defra and passed strict tests in order to qualify as suitable for use when transporting horses.


Journey Small or Large + 24/7 Emergency Callout.

Just call us: 07908 597443.


The Box

A lot of Horseboxes out there seem to look over the safety level of flooring. Some contain a small amount of metal as a base with wood + matting on top. Our specifically built Horsebox has a full, thick aluminium floor with heavy matting on top to ensure your horse is safe as possible. The reinforced bulkhead is an essential safety option, especially with the bigger horses that we are able to take, and horses that can become bolshy. This prevents the possibility of a horse coming through into the cab area.

Full Aluminium Floor + Reinforced Bulkhead

Safety is our concern – our complete aluminium floor is as safe as you can get without sacrificing weight limits. The reinforced bulkhead gives you the peace of mind that your horse can’t possibly get through to the cab area.

We believe that our clients should be as treated as well as their horses as well! Not only will you be travelling with one of our qualified drivers – alongside their whit and charm, you will have the added luxury of our specifically gorgeous upholstered seats which are great for journeys long + short! Don’t worry about making a mess – we understand hay can get everywhere, and general yard mess. It’ll just brush straight off the leather! Our cab is also fully air conditioned, fitted with necessary safety equipment and more.


Full Leather

When  you’re travelling with us – you’re be travelling in style…

Our Horsebox has been built to the highest of standards to ensure our clients, and their horses that they are in the best and safest of hands!

Essex Horse Transport - Essex Horsebox

Other Essentials…

Glass roof vents, Gas assisted ramp, Padded partitions, Interior + Reversing cameras, Internal + External tie hooks, External lockers, Separate groom area – the list goes on…


Bespoke Quotes For All Journeys.

We Will Price Match Any Competitors!



Prices are specific to all journeys, and include a driver for the day. Please bare in mind that cheaper quotes are achieved for shared transport.

Call 07908 597443 for available dates, and general Q+A.


Regular Transport?

Special Rates for Special People!


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